It all started when I passed my driving test I was 17, I soon realized that the world was a lot bigger than where the 237 bus would take me. As a teenager I was the Driver and loved it. listening to a pirate radio station bass as loud as possible and waiting to find out where we would be partying. All we had to do was get there in a banger. This then developed into an annual event,  myself and a group of friends would take on a banger challenge. After a period of time and hundreds of calls about should we do this, should we do that. We started planning our own trips and Before long we had built it to where we are. 
Dave, bangerball3000 ceo

“im Just putting your ideas on the road, love travel, driving, beer and party's and am now lucky enough to do them often.

Dave Taylor, 49 years

Working class northern lad. I've done a few tours, I'm new to the admin team, glad to help anyone where I can and really excited about getting on the road.   

Mickey Shannon, 39 years

“I Have no idea how this happened Dave loves to party I love to DJ, I had no choice i've been signed up  

 Darren Luke (DJ)