Busy planning 2023

the mystery tour of 2023, What we do know so far

Miles minimum 1484, Driving hours minimum 26 hours

May 2023

2022 was an immense event we Reckon we achieved the best Banger Rally of 2022, taking on Europe is What our tours are all about


Today as always is about distance let get into Europe, as always we don’t want to have a set route but we do want to give you the most pleasurable tour, the pictures in this section show places of interest along the route of day one


This looks like an amazing place full of history. Fort Nieulay, located along the Avenue Pierre Coubertin, was originally dated to the 12th or 13th century. During the English invasion in 1346, sluices gates were added as water defences and a fort was built up around it in 1525 on the principle that the people of the fort could defend the town by flooding it. In April and May 1677, Louis XIV and Vauban visited Calais and ordered a complete rebuilding of Fort Nieulay. It was completed in 1679, with the purpose to protect the bridge of Nieulay crossing the Hames River. By 1815 the fort had fallen into a ruined state and it wasn't until 1903 that it was sold and improved by its farmer tenants. The fort was briefly the site of a low-key scuffle with Germans in May 1940.



The circuit Reims-Gueux was a Grand Prix motor racing road course, located in Gueux, 7.5 km west of Reims in the Champagne region of north-eastern France, established in 1926 as the second venue of the Grand Prix de la Marne

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We Make Every Country We Visit Our Home For The Time We Are There, Whilst Respecting The Environment We Are In.

2023 will be an amazing adventure, we will set off on the 18 May and return to the UK on Monday the 22nd May.

This tour will be a mystery tour but rest assured there will be surprises and an amazing Party.

The Basics of this amazing mystery tour are as follows:

1-Due to the success of BB3 22 we will be limiting spaces

2- Maximum miles 3000

3-Destinations will be a mystery, we found that the last tour was amazing in so many ways from the ww1 sites to the Party night sponsored by mischievous Parties, this time we want to add the surprise factor.

4- we will be raising money for a uk based childrens charity which will be confirmed closer to the time

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