.Cost per car including 2 People £585

Additional passengers £225

Day 1

  • Miles 312

  • Driving time 5hrs 36mins

  • Evening Luxemburg

Day 2

  • Miles 478

  • Driving Time 7hs 15mins

  • Evening : Prague

Day 3

  • Miles 418

  • Driving time 6hr 23mins

  • Evening : Nürburgring

Day 4

  • Miles 0

  • Driving time 0hr

  • Evening : Nürburgring

Day 5

  • Miles 277

  • Driving time 5 hrs 10 mins

  • #Evening : Ferry Home

Extras for those that want more

Reims-Gueux Circuit

The Reims-Gueux circuit is situated on the western edge of Reims, between the communes of Thillois and Gueux. It is 7.8 km in length and was made up of secondary roads and a section of the N 31.
The circuit was used for the first time in 1926 for the first Grand Prix de la Marne organised by the Automobile Club of Champagne. In 1938, the Automobile Club of France used it for the French Grand Prix, and the first official Formula 1 course was used in 1950. The circuit was used for Formula 1 for the last time in 1966, the last meeting was held in 1969 and the last competition in 1972. The circuit was finally closed as a result of financial problems after hosting fourteen French Formula 1 Grand Prix races. A large part of the stands and a portion of the course can still be seen today.

WW1 Carrière Wellington Tunnels

20 metres below the pavements of Arras, discover the Wellington Tunnels, a site immersed in memory and emotion.

After a descent in a glass-fronted lift, the audio guided and escorted visit plunges the visitor into the site’s atmosphere.

A strategic location as well as a living space, the underground quarry, named Wellington by the New Zealand sappers, preserves the memory of those thousands of soldiers quartered underground just a few metres from the front, before launching themselves onto the field of battle on 9th April 1917 at 5.30 in the morning, in a surprise attack on the German positions. Through the projection of a film, coming to the surface in the soldiers’ footsteps bring the shock of battle to life.

WORLD FAMOUS Prague Boat Party

Let’s get shipfaced together

Pre-Party kicks off in the heart of the city at our exclusive ALL YOU CAN DRINK Boat Party bar!
Meet some of your fellow boaters, mingle around or play a beer-pong tournament against our staff.

23:00 - 01:00

Boat embarks! You’ll float down the Vltava River and see all the famous Prague sights (Prague Castle, Charles Bridge, Kampa Island).
Party under the stars on our open rooftops. Inside, hit the bar and dance floor with our live DJ spinning during all the cruise!

The beat goes on! Free entry to some of the best-rated clubs in Prague.
Keep the party going and check out some of the city’s (in)famous night life!



The great historic motorsport meeting as the only authentic successor to the inaugural race in 1927 is back at the start. 95 years after the opening of the world's most famous race track, the organisers are once again inviting visitors to travel back in time to and on the track, in the paddocks and team garages.

22 race series and special races with almost 800 starters attract visitors to the traditional circuit in the Eifel. Drivers in high-powered racing cars will engage in hard-fought battles, legendary classics and youngtimers will be seen in action.

The Touring Car Classics will come with historic DTM cars and many well-known drivers. The battle of the midgets is at the start. There are Experience runs and GLPs on the Grand Prix circuit and the Nordschleife. The Prewars will start again with a Le Mans start for the Elephant Race and drive the sportiest laps in their "old stomping ground" of the Nordschleife, when they are not atmospherically displayed in the historic pit area of the old paddock from 1927.

Gridwalks allow you to visit the middle of the starting grid on the start-finish straight for unforgettable experiences. Food courts and vendor areas, as well as the period-dressed grid girls, provide plenty of flair as in the races of glory days.


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